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The Bio-Cultura Project
San Pedro La Laguna, Lago de Atitlan, Solola, Guatemala

Our ancestors understood that each thing has a spirit, and therefore is to be respected; trees, the lake, places, animals and people, we are all a part of the natural world.

Project Aims
Our first priority is local reforestation. We also hope to inspire people to care for and respect the natural world. Our aims are to reduce environmental damage in general by increasing the environmental knowledge and action within our community, providing opportunities for recycling, and using permaculture techniques in our gardens. As our Mayan culture and the natural world are intertwined, strengthening and valuing our cultural heritage is an important part of our project, and so all components of Bio-Cultura are based in Mayan values. We also believe it is necessary to increase resources within our community, and are investigating sustainable economic alternatives.

Some of the trees will be planted in the forests above San Pedro, others on family land, and most will be given away as a part of our environmental education programme. We will sell some trees to support the costs of the project.
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