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Jose Cortez Gonzalez - Javier Navichoc - Jessie McVeagh

Jose Cortez Gonzalez

I am Mayan-Tzutujil, my ancestors lived here on the shores of Lake Atitlan thousands of years before the village of San Pedro existed. They lived within the cycles and forces of nature, and respected the spirits that are in each and every thing. It is important that this project is based within our Mayan culture so that we continue to care for and respect these spirits and our environment, and so that our culture continues to exist. I believe that with good intentions and energy, we will achieve our aims of replenishing our forests and strengthening the Tzutujil people.

Javier Navichoc

My wish is that all people open their eyes and their minds to see that nature forms our lives. I am a part of this project to help and improve the lives of people, plants and animals, as my Mayan ancestors did. The ancestors respected all the cycles of life. For me, working in the Bio-Cultura project is a way of making a better future for San Pedro and the environment. We are Indigenous, and need to conserve our culture, traditions, and analyse and view critically all the things that effect us.

Jessie McVeagh

I am from New Zealand, and am happy to feel my skills and efforts here at Bio-Cultura make a small but important difference to our world. For me, it is important that the Bio-Cultura vision comes from within the community that it is trying to help. Growing trees and caring for the environment are good things, but if they are done in a way that respects and empowers people such as the Mayan-Tzutujiles of Guatemala, I believe that is even better. I feel that the Bio-Cultura project is an example of how we can start to restore balance in our world- economically, ecologically, and spiritually.
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