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This offers many positive aspects. Fee-paying visitors can help to support the running of the nursery and give local workers a fair wage. Ideas and knowledge from different cultures are shared, and can evolve into creative solutions. When our Mayan culture is valued and respected by people from other countries, this helps us regain our pride in who we are. Positive interaction between ourselves and foreigners builds trust, understanding, and respect on both sides.

Firewood Production:
Beans and Maiz (specifically Tortillas,) are an important part of our daily lives in San Pedro. Tortillas are cooked on cast-iron plates or pans over woodfires, and beans need to be cooked for many hours. This diet has sustained our people for thousands of years, and shapes the majority of lives in our village. Few families can afford to buy electric or use gas cookers exclusively even if they wished to. Electricity is expensive and unreliable, making it a poor alternative to gathering wood from the land and forests. The local population is growing rapidly, firewood is harder to find, and the current situation is not sustainable.

At Bio-Cultura, we are investigating the option of creating sustainable wood-lots as a method of reducing deforestation and providing a potential income source.

Alternative Crops:
We are investigating the potential of other species that may offer our people better prices and care for the environment better than current Coffee production practices.
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