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The government, our schools and churches don't teach us what to do with new things like plastic and batteries after we use them in order to care for our world. Our parents don't know that sprays, rubbish dumps and burning plastic harm our families, the air, water and soil.

At Bio-Cultura we aim to increase the environmental knowledge within our community so that we are able to make informed choices.

We will offer free classes to children. Through story-telling, art, and hands-on activities, we aim to restore pride in our Mayan heritage, increase understanding of the cycles in nature and awareness of environmental problems, and show how everyone can help address these issues.

Re-using 'rubbish' at Bio-Cultura nursery.

Using the very popular local radio and television stations, along with performance arts, we aim to inform our community of environmental issues, and opportunities to care for our environment.

We plan to hold workshops on topics such as efficient wood-burning stoves, permaculture methods, recycling and waste reduction etc.....

Our organic gardens and tree nursery will be used to demonstrate ideas and alternatives to our community. We aim to include other environmentally friendly concepts at Bio-Cultura, for example, composting toilets, worm farms etc...
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